Sunday, January 31, 2010

urban outfitters - early spring catalog

every part of urban outfitter's 40's inspired spring catalog makes me feel all warm inside. looking forward to the season full of flowers and festivities.

allegria frozen yogurt & cupcakes

for my weight-conscience and could care less about weight friends- i present to you 'allegria frozen yogurt and cupcakes.' located in coconut creek at the promenade, this is your place for incredibly light and satisfying frozen yogurt.

made from non-fat yogurt and skim milk, their flavors range from the originial ( a great, tart taste), chocolategreen tea, pomegranate and a secret flavor every day. try each sample and then make your choice of delicious healthy toppings such as, fresh cut strawberries, granola, blueberries, pineapples, almonds, coconuts, bananas, mangos and some fun toppings such as, cocoa pebbles, graham crackers, chocolate chips and cap'n crunch. first you order the size, then yogurt of choice and then your toppings- voila!

Friday, January 29, 2010

baked & cupcaked: really-raspberry filled cupcakes

my wonderful dessert-enthusiast friend stephanie just turned 23 and for her birthday i decided to take a spin off of our favorite cake- raspberry elegance (layers of vanilla cake, raspberry jam and vanilla icing.)

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

momofuku - the book

while recently strolling around the bookstore, i stumbled upon the book 'momofuku' by david chang & peter meehan and decided to skim through and gaze at the pictures since the chain of momofuku restaurants in new york city are becoming legendary and all within a few short years. after drooling over the assortment of recipes (think japanese inspired- ramen noodles, a lot of meat and unique sauces) i sat down and started to read the beginning of the book where the founder and owner of the booming brand (chang) shares his story of how he came to be where he is today. he's a brutally honest character, swears whenever he can throw it in but all-in-all, wins you over with his sincere effort to just make good food.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

i'll have the gyro that's pronounced with a 'y' - greek festival

gotta give it up to the greeks for having such an enriched culture full of confident, free spirits who collectively  exude an openness that can only be enjoyed in person - regardless of your background, you can't help but feel right at home with them.

the blue and white festival (from jan. 21 -jan. 24, 2010/ jan. 20 - jan. 23, 2011) is hosted by the st. mark greek orthodox church and true to its promise was filled with authentic food, vivacious personalities, markets for people to shop in and several forms of entertainment throughout the weekend. upon entering i was greeted with a powerful wink from a woman collecting admission fares, glancing to my right and then saw a group of twenty men grilling meats and bopping their heads to the loud greek music. a lot of these people looked like the cast from my big fat greek wedding (stereotypical but true) and better yet, acted in a similar manner too. i loved the energy - observing their pride and desire for people outside of their community to partake in this grand celebration of life. groups of big families trailed along together from table to table while ancient rhythms played throughout the tented grounds.

Monday, January 18, 2010

you had me at fried oreos

i recently celebrated my 23rd birthday at prime 112 in miami beach. i have been yearning to go there for quite some time and found it most fitting to dine there on my birthday since i was born on january 12th- 112... cheesy, i know. the actual number stands for the restaurants location (112 ocean drive) and is considered one of miami's finest dining establishments. in fact, the restaurant's owner (Myles Chefetz) has an empire of establishments all just a few blocks within the area. He owns Nemo, Big Pink, Shoki Sushi and his newest addition, Prime Italian. Every restaurant lives up to its hype with celebrities always dining there, superb service, ambiance that is simple yet refined and most importantly the food, beyond par excellence.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

table 42's $5 burger night

table 42 - italian kitchen & wine bar
royal palm place
399 se mizner blvd
boca raton, fl 33432

i think that a burger is the ultimate meal. bun, meat, cheese, veggies, and a good sauce to combine the elements together- perfection! so when i heard that the new table 42 in boca raton (formerly coal mine pizza) was doing a burger night on wednesdays- & for only $5... i was pretty much sold at the spot.