Tuesday, January 26, 2010

momofuku - the book

while recently strolling around the bookstore, i stumbled upon the book 'momofuku' by david chang & peter meehan and decided to skim through and gaze at the pictures since the chain of momofuku restaurants in new york city are becoming legendary and all within a few short years. after drooling over the assortment of recipes (think japanese inspired- ramen noodles, a lot of meat and unique sauces) i sat down and started to read the beginning of the book where the founder and owner of the booming brand (chang) shares his story of how he came to be where he is today. he's a brutally honest character, swears whenever he can throw it in but all-in-all, wins you over with his sincere effort to just make good food.

he even hates cupcakes AND believes that pork is the ultimate flavor adding component... but i still like the guy and i really like his approach towards food. it's different and when i make my next trip to nyc, i'll be sure to stop by one of his five restaurants.

if you love to cook, you'll love this book.
retail price- $40.00