Friday, January 29, 2010

baked & cupcaked: really-raspberry filled cupcakes

my wonderful dessert-enthusiast friend stephanie just turned 23 and for her birthday i decided to take a spin off of our favorite cake- raspberry elegance (layers of vanilla cake, raspberry jam and vanilla icing.)

what you need...

one cup sugar
two cups self-rising flour
one tsp vanilla extract (the good kind - recommend madagascar pure vanilla extract )
four eggs
two sticks of room-temperature butter
one jar seedless raspberry jam
two cups of confectioners sugar
four ounces of room-temperature butter
one and a half tsp vanilla extract
one or two tbsp of milk

what to do...

pre-heat oven to 350 & line cups into muffin pan
mix dry ingredients separately
whisk together butter & vanilla extract first
add eggs one at a time
once butter, extract and eggs are whisked add dry ingredients
batter should be at a smooth consistency
add a third of batter into the cups
add a tsp of jam (more if desired) into center of batter
add rest of batter on top
bake for 15 mins
meantime beat the butter with mixer until smooth, add sugar
whisk extract and milk to finish
leave in refrigerator until time to frost

the jam ended up falling to the bottom but they were tasty regardless!

hope they're really, really good for you!