Tuesday, December 22, 2009

my tops - best of boca

boca raton is an interesting town (to say the least) and anyone who has had the pleasure of living even just a few months amongst the area, will agree.

my personal experience in this city has been a whirlwind. between college and work, i've been here for more than five years - and mostly in east boca. i get asked a lot "where is the best place to eat in boca raton?" therefore i have decided that one of my first posts will be about the best of boca- through my eyes.

i call this 'my tops.' i'm sure there will be dissenters from what i choose to be the 'best i've ever had' and i strongly encourage others to share their very own 'tops!'

top sandwich that will change your life:

chicken lemon artichoke from beany's gourmet cafe.

when i first had this sandwich, my life changed. there is really no other way to describe how good this sandwich is. the bread is baked fresh at the cafe, the chicken is incredibly juicy, the combination of lemon, garlic aioli and artichoke hearts all topped with smoked provolone- (should i stop now?)...

Monday, December 21, 2009

so it begins...

I love cupcakes. But if there's one thing I love more than cupcakes, it's discovering sweet deals & finds and sharing them with everyone I know. After my friends insisted that I just create a site with all of my rants about food & fashion- I decided, why not? So, on to blogging- where I can extend the revelry with those who enjoy discovering what else is out there, and to ultimately pass the find on to others. Whether it’s a great restaurant, a hard-to-beat sale, neighborhood dives, venues in large metropolitans, new trends, mom & pop bakeries or, of course, cupcakes - whatever it may be… if it makes me jump for joy on the inside, I plan on sharing my excitement.

Enjoy… and once in awhile, have a cupcake, or two.