Thursday, January 7, 2010

table 42's $5 burger night

table 42 - italian kitchen & wine bar
royal palm place
399 se mizner blvd
boca raton, fl 33432

i think that a burger is the ultimate meal. bun, meat, cheese, veggies, and a good sauce to combine the elements together- perfection! so when i heard that the new table 42 in boca raton (formerly coal mine pizza) was doing a burger night on wednesdays- & for only $5... i was pretty much sold at the spot.

every wednesday night you can create your own burger. the menu asks you to choose whether or not you want a bun, how you would like the meat cooked, what toppings, what sauces and spreads, what kind of cheese & whether or not you want fries on the side. the cheese is a dollar extra and depending on what you choose for your sides, the fries or side salad vary from $2-$3. the restaurant is infamous for their truffle reggiano fries, which i stronly recommend!

a few of my close friends and i went to the launch of burger night and it's safe to say everything lived up to the hype. everybody created their burgers & some even ordered the restaurant's amazing pizzas.

my burger went like this: bun (obviously), medium rare, vidalia onions, beefsteak tomato, crispy caper aioli spread and topped with smoked mozarella. when my burger came out, i was delighted to see that it was actually the same size (maybe even bigger) from what they had promoted. a burger is truly done injustice when it comes out flat- but to my joy, i could see every ingredient and they were all fresh- just made.

the next few minutes were a little hazy since it consisted of devouring my meal. i have learned that you have to be careful when you describe something to be 'succulent' but i assure you, this burger was beyond juicy. every ingredient complemented each other perfectly. i can only imagine how great everyone else's burgers are since we all made different combinations. my friend lauren had bacon on hers and it's no secret that everything tastes better with bacon. i tried everyone's fries too. between the spiced fries, sweet potato fries & truffle reggiano fries- there really was no stopping me. you gotta throw some of the fries in the burger for that extra crunch!

we were all very pleased and i'm happy to say that $5 burger night was a success!

this is a sweet deal you can't ignore! i'll most likely be there every wednesday night, hopefully see you there!