Monday, January 18, 2010

you had me at fried oreos

i recently celebrated my 23rd birthday at prime 112 in miami beach. i have been yearning to go there for quite some time and found it most fitting to dine there on my birthday since i was born on january 12th- 112... cheesy, i know. the actual number stands for the restaurants location (112 ocean drive) and is considered one of miami's finest dining establishments. in fact, the restaurant's owner (Myles Chefetz) has an empire of establishments all just a few blocks within the area. He owns Nemo, Big Pink, Shoki Sushi and his newest addition, Prime Italian. Every restaurant lives up to its hype with celebrities always dining there, superb service, ambiance that is simple yet refined and most importantly the food, beyond par excellence.

our reservation for dinner was at 7:45pm because we wanted to make it to florida room by ten to watch the live band, big bounce, perform. mind you that this was a tuesday night and by the time we had arrived the restaurant was already packed inside with limited seating available outside. because of our large party, the table that was reserved for us was still occupied by a group of older, wealthy men who had decided that they weren't quite ready to leave. so we weren't seated until 9pm- yes,we decided to make the best of it and waited it out for a little longer than an hour. i was determined to eat at prime 112! but from 9pm and on my friends and i completely forgot that there was even a wait because of the ridiculously good service and even more ridiculously good food.

kevin, our waiter, felt awful that we had waited so long. i felt more awful because we had to cut down our dining adventure to just appetizers and maybe dessert. he was so gracious and attentive that i just wanted him to sit down and eat with us! our medley of appetizers included their organic field greens salad (apples, candied walnuts & poppy seed vinaigrette), four cheese fondue & two orders of their hawaiin big eye tuna tartare. i kid you not- we were all stuffed just from the appetizers. the portions were incredibly generous but a girls gotta have some dessert on her birthday! we didn't even have to ask for the dessert menu because kevin had said that he would take care of that part... i was slighly hesitant because i wanted some sort of say in it! but i am OH-SO-HAPPY i kept my mouth shut!

ever experience a moment when you hear noise but it's a little faded out, the room starts to get dark and you see some sort of light but can't just make out what's coming towards you? as if everything arround you is moving slower than usual? that's kind of what happened to me when he brought out the pantheon of decadent desserts. each masterpiece presented with a little pink candle and i know he took the time to explain what everything was, but i was too busy wiping the tears from my eyes looking at the beautiful wonders infront of me. one thing i do remember being explained to was the fried oreos (cue sound of a car breaking)! Right before us were eight little donut-shaped delights and I just stuck my fork right into one.

as i teared into the fried oreo, its pancake batter crust was warm and the oreo inside (i assume it was double-stuffed) took complete control of my tastebuds and i could only close my eyes and smile. with just a little french vanilla ice cream on the side, the night could have just ended right there. of course, it didn't. the rest of the platter included warm chocolate pudding cake, peanut butter snickers pie, warm dulce de leche bread pudding and the most perfect new york style cheesecake topped with strawberries. i think kevin must have seen it in my eyes when we walked in that i had more than one sweet tooth because i could have waited three more hours for that plethora of deliciousness.

anyone who was near our table must have never seen so many girls attack food the way my friends and i did. and believe it or not we weren't even able to finish it all- well, with the exception of the fried oreos. let's just say we only made the last fifteen minutes of the big bounce that night and i was completely okay with it. prime 112 does not kid when it comes to service and making sure you enjoy your dining experience with them. i was simultaneously stuffed with food and joy.

take a look at their regular dinner menu:

and their dessert menu: