Sunday, February 28, 2010

baked & cupcaked: tequila cupcakes & chocolate party cupcakes

for my darling sister's 21st birthday i found it absolutely necessary to bake her cupcakes that celebrated the big occasion just right. i made two batches. the first were tequila cupcakes- just used the standard yellow cake recipe and added 2 tbsps of tequila & 4 tbsps of patron liqueur citronage for the batter / 1 tbsp of tequila & 2 tbsps of patron liqueur citronage for the icing (buttercream icing.) topped those babies with some lime and the festivities began!

joie de vivre's for february '10

february has been quite a month for me and i've had the pleasure to explore some new places and some new delicious charms. although not everything i eat is going to excite me, i can still certainly attest to a few food fantasticals and i'm calling these 'joie de vivre's' because simply put, they're my joys of living.

yucatan combination plate at rocco's tacos, boca raton

mexican food is pretty much a first choice for me when i like to dine out. always start off with the fresh made quacamole (yup, they make it infront of you) and serve it with well-seasoned chips. for dinner i ordered the yucatan combination plate (chicken enchilada with two skirt steak tacos) but switched one of the tacos for 'rocco's taco.' ridiculously good- it's a meatball taco with roasted peppers, cotijaa cheese, crema and cilantro. que rico! fyi- their chimichanga is worth the try too!

Friday, February 5, 2010

for the girl who likes to mix things up

follow this link to register for the website launch of the new line called Alice by Temperley.
It's from renowned designer Alice Temperley but this collection is her ode to the funky, rock-and-roll and fun chick. Temperley herself says that she pictures a girl who listens to The Killers and The Cure- someone who likes to mix things up. i'm already hooked from the sneak peeks in magazines and blogs.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

world's 5 best food cities

check out food & wine's slideshow of the best food citie's in the world. 
any cities missing from this list?!