Saturday, February 12, 2011

sushi and locally brewed beer in boca

as i begin to write this post i can't believe it's my first time including my best friends falan meltzer and alex busch in my blog. i've known them since the beginning days of freshman year in college and they've remained some of my greatest confidants. with fal spending all of last year in israel and busch dedicating so much of her time studying for medical school - our dinner date together was long, long overdue. i could truthfully just spend this whole time talking about how wonderful they each are in their own unique ways. busch is a kindred soul, who stays very loyal to the close people in her life and is extremely dedicated to her family, pets and meal time. falan's energy is highly contagious and her passion for people, philanthropy and israel continues to be the same driving forces that made me so fond of her from when we first met. they're both super strong women and have played a key role in my life over the past few years... especially with supporting my own passions and especially this blog.

sushi of boca, boca raton
(you're going to have to google this bad boy yourself)

now onto our lovely dinner date. fal couldn't help but poke fun at finding cupcakes, referring to it as "fc" all night and sarcastically hoping that i would write about where we were eating. even though i know it was her way of really wishing that the dinner would actually go on the blog, especially since she kept sticking her hand in every picture and boasted about her hand modeling skills. buschra (as i often call her because my mother's name is bushra) always told me about a hole in the wall sushi restaurant she frequents with her boyfriend ian and insisted that we tried the place too. busch's suggestion was spot on!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

vegetarian dines at mellow mushroom & sublime

two super good restaurants with two of some of my most favorite people in the world - javier and jessica garcia. married for almost two years now, javier and jessica are young, carefree spirits and an unbelievably kind duo. javi is one of my closest friends from high school and it's great to see him find someone like jess who carries the same outlook on life as him - simple yet refined (and always a little bit of crazy.) 

mellow mushroom in delray beach
monk in the trunk, kosmic karma pizza, cinnamon and honey pretzel

after an unpredictable adventure with the two to rescue an old cell phone held hostage from a disturbing character, our dining fates were immediately sealed when jess quickly learned we were very near mellow mushroom and realizing i had yet to eat there myself... she, i quickly found, was one of their regulars.