Sunday, July 25, 2010

shop vintage, shop new -

this is a tough one for me. it's very easy to share a great place to eat but when i share a great place to shop, i have to take the risk of mary, mindy and probably molly too of shopping there. however, i love the giving more than the taking therefore you must visit this great website of wonderful, affordable vintage and new clothes that will certainly be a top place for your online shopping. i would actually wear every single piece that they carry and beware, their selections get sold out fast.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

racks downtown eatery + tavern in mizner park

mizner park in boca raton is hands down a destination spot for out-of-towners and residents of south florida alike. there's pretty much a restaurant for everyone's liking - sushi, mexican, irish, italian and of course, american. but regardless of the amount of dining options the high end park offers, something was missing. and that's where racks comes in - talk about a game changer.

finding las vegas

let's spare the "what happens in vegas, stays in vegas" what not and go straight to "what happened in vegas was amazing and i wish i stayed in vegas longer."

first things first, my partner in crime, jessica brager who i am so thankful that i got to share this trip with - especially because we were always on the same page, which made the "finding" so much better. she's the friend that truly wants the best for you, the friend that understands that leaving your id at the hotel room could actually happen to anyone, the friend that hopes dessert will follow every meal and the friend that you can laugh and dance with until the early hours of the morning with a clutch in hand and all the hair accessories possibe on -while making plans to probably eat again. and then there's jordan spitz, who provided for the ultimate vegas experience and will forever be indebted in our hearts. jordan is the man.

upon arriving to the las vegas airport, brager and i were greeted by a man holding a very formal sign with her last name. i was so excited that such a finely dressed man was waiting for us with an actual sign that i went straight for my camera from my purse and within five seconds my face was planted on the floor. i had managed to trip over some woman's luggage and then in the feet of brian, our chauffeur. poor jess had to admit that i was with her but brian was so sweet about the fall even though deep down inside he was thinking "she won't last an hour in this city." minutes later, after the dessert heat settled in, we reached our next destination - the phantom. now most vehicles can't be considered "destinations" but when it's a rolls royce, it is. we were swooning with so much joy that truly the trip could have ended there and we'd be completely fine. brian told us stories about wild nights with tourists and something about drawing the line at animals - all while frank sinatra played in the background. we knew already that this was going to be one the best weekends ever.