Tuesday, August 17, 2010

canyon southwest cafe

canyon southwest cafe
ft. lauderdale, fl

cozy, dark and packed with young, hip diners all eating some of the best locally produced food in ft. lauderdale. the music is loud and the wait is long. here's the deal - they don't take reservations, they're only open for dinner and happy hour doesn't exist. but what does exist are their infamous prickly pear margarita's, which you must order. they describe their cuisine as 'american artisanal' with southwestern fusion and exciting hints of asian and south american influences. a few girlfriends and i went on a saturday night and had a ravishing time - the prickly pear margarita's were great company.

breakfast in orlando-oviedo

my best friend annie lives in orlando but every time i take the three hour drive to see her, she never manages to take me to any of the local restaurants. to her credit, we get to enjoy her family's homemade food or make quick trips to chipotle (which i will never say no to.) i started asking her friends where is the best place they love to eat at in orlando and the majority said the town house restaurant in oviedo, just outside of orlando - a place known for their breakfast (my absolute favorite meal of the day and annie's least favorite.) luckily, our friend michael o'donnell was willing to show me what all the buzz was about and i'm so glad he did.

georgetown cupcake bakery

i recently visited my family in virginia for the weekend which consisted of a lot of necessary bonding, teasing and most importantly - home made pakistani food. it's safe to say that eating and loving food is the family glue. my cousins sauira and humaira wanted me to try cupcakes from, the now very popular, georgetown cupcake bakery. they have been fans of the bakery before tlc gave them a tv show, so we drove to d.c. for a short visit that was all the worthwhile.

Monday, August 16, 2010

talia's tuscan table - a local favorite

talia's in boca raton is an italian restaurant that is loved by locals - completely valued by its loyal customers who spread the good word about this oh, so good spot. many, many friends have insisted that i check out the low key eatery and after my friend erin (who is ultra picky about what she eats) said she just had the best sandwich ever, i made it a point to go asap.