Saturday, March 20, 2010

curiouser and curiouser - alice in wonderland inspired

after seeing tim burton's alice in wonderland in 3d, i was entirely captivated by the movie's cinematography, art direction, sound and mostly, storyline. lewis carroll's original has been told and told in many different ways but regardless if you read the book or saw the original movie, alice's journey always takes us to a world full of fantasy and utmost wonder. i was so inspired by the whimsical marriage of  naiveness & growing up, therefore i'm sharing with you a few finds that even the mad hatter himself would approve of.


Tuesday, March 16, 2010

you say st. paddy, i say st. patty

according to the irish, st. patrick's day is shortened by saying "st. paddy's day." i, of course, have been wrong for as long as i can remember by calling it "st. patty's day." my sincere apologies for the misuse of letters but my deepest gratitude for one of the greatest reasons to be merry in the name of drafts and spirits. not trying to deter from the origin of the holiday itself, which reaches far back near the fifth century. story goes...a young patrick was held captive by irish raiders, soon escaping away after having a dream to devote his life to the church and then later on becoming a bishop. he returned to ireland reversing aristocracy, providing for the poor and telling the story of the holy trinity with a shamrock. it's safe to say saint patrick was a deserving title.

soon followed a tradition celebrating his worthy efforts and most importantly, the people of ireland and their culture. the annual st. patrick's day parade held in delray beach brings together crowds from all over south florida waiting to watch a very green parade and a chance to swig their saturday away. all days before the holiday itself.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

serendipity 3 at the boca resort

serendipity 3 in nyc is adored by both tourists and locals. with a vast history and whimsical interior, crowds swarm to the restaurant for their extravagant desserts such as the 'outrageous banana split - $22.50,' 'can't say no sundae - $15.00,' and the infamous 'frrrozen hot chocolate - $8.95.'

to not that many dessert lover's knowledge, serendipity 3 expanded their location to south florida at the ultra-private boca raton resort around the end of 2008. you pretty much have to be a guest at the resort or be a member (we are talking mucho mula here) to be able to enjoy their many amenities. believe it or not, bare with me people... i'm not a member. so getting into the club was a little mission impossible. but i was in a 'if there's a will, there's a way' mood at work and my co-worker sam and i disguised a "work errand" at the resort into a quick "to go" order at serendipity 3.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

enchanting oscar gowns

i never intended to report on hollywood's biggest night and the fashion that ensues but after seeing some of the stunning dresses on the red carpet, there's no way i couldn't share my elation.

Monday, March 1, 2010

sobe wine & food fest - grand marnier diner en rouge

the food network south beach wine and food festival is a mecca of an event and i was determined to crash at least one extravaganza this year. so you can imagine how loud my little girl scream was when i found out i was going to be able to attend grand marnier's very exclusive diner en rouge at the temple house in miami beach on thursday, february 25th.