Sunday, May 15, 2011

delray delights

brule bistro in delray beach

my beautiful friend stefania giommoni - a real deal italian foodie - and i got to check out the dining scene in a smaller section of downtown delray beach called pineapple grove. it's relatively new with art shops, residential buildings, clothing stores, salons and a few restaurants. we searched some menus online and brule bistro was an instant win. the restaurant looks like an open market and i would recommend eating in their outdoor patio to truly enjoy the weather. we went on a friday night, ordered a bottle of malbec and conquered the diverse menu of heavy french and italian influences. 

for appetizers we ordered the beef carpaccio flatbread with caramelized onions, arugula and a gorgonzola horseradish cream and duck confit egg rolls - which was a fun play on the classic french dish duck confit (leg of duck) turned into egg rolls. the egg rolls came with a sweet chili sauce and a pureed mango mustard sauce. while nomming on those we were presented with a complimentary bite from the kitchen. they were small fried balls (croquettes) stuffed with heavenly prosciutto and gruyere cheese. stef and i wished that they would have thrown more of the freebies to us but our main courses kept us from asking for extra.