Monday, August 16, 2010

talia's tuscan table - a local favorite

talia's in boca raton is an italian restaurant that is loved by locals - completely valued by its loyal customers who spread the good word about this oh, so good spot. many, many friends have insisted that i check out the low key eatery and after my friend erin (who is ultra picky about what she eats) said she just had the best sandwich ever, i made it a point to go asap.

it's a small restaurant, with absolutely no cohesiveness in the decor and layout... but this ends up adding to why you will undoubtedly love this place. mechanics, business executives, college kids and moms - if that's not your key demographic, i don't who is. as i waited in line, i noticed a glorious little station where one can enjoy $1 serve your self beer from a keg. ok, brilliant. there are polaroid pictures of customers who have eaten there over the past years and clippings galore of local press claiming talia's to have the best sandwich in palm beach county. have i been living under a rock my entire time in boca? apparently! the owner, andrew, not only cooks the food but also socializes with the customers and makes a point to talk to everyone. alongside him there's a guy taking the orders and helping cook too. he flirted his way through my order, offered fresh mozzarella while i waited in line and then told me to pose for my very own polaroid to join the others. it was unexpected but very charming.

erin suggested i get the fermi, which had portabello mushrooms, roasted peppers, organic beans and lettuce on a freshly baked ciabatta bread. they've got over 15 sandwiches and their most popular is the michelangelo - also on their homemade ciabatta bread with a herb chicken cutlet, mozzarella, eggplant and roasted peppers. their sandwiches are huge! easily for two separate servings and scrumptious! all the juicy fresh ingredients layered upon one another and sandwiched between the crispy, warm bread will make you feel very warm and happy inside. it's the kind of sandwich that makes you roll your eyes and occasionally make a few noises (stay with me here, i'm still talking about food.)  i couldn't get over how much there was and how cheap it was - we're talking a little less than ten bucks! they also offer pasta, pizza, seafood and all your traditional italian favorites. they also offer cooking classes... how much more can you ask for?

i loved this place. like immediately messaged my foodie friends about it and insisted they stop by, which a lot of them ended up doing so just days after and raved in a mutual manner. it's a place where not only is the food stellar but the experience is unforgettable. if you're in the area, go!
boca raton, fl