Tuesday, August 17, 2010

breakfast in orlando-oviedo

my best friend annie lives in orlando but every time i take the three hour drive to see her, she never manages to take me to any of the local restaurants. to her credit, we get to enjoy her family's homemade food or make quick trips to chipotle (which i will never say no to.) i started asking her friends where is the best place they love to eat at in orlando and the majority said the town house restaurant in oviedo, just outside of orlando - a place known for their breakfast (my absolute favorite meal of the day and annie's least favorite.) luckily, our friend michael o'donnell was willing to show me what all the buzz was about and i'm so glad he did.

upon entering oviedo, i was fascinated to see how 'country' the town was. with no exaggeration, there were chickens and roosters crossing streets and laying in the shade. the town house was a cozy bright and blue restaurant housing patrons ready for sunday brunch. the decor inside was filled with different rooster accessories, checkered tablecloths and even an old school jukebox.

the waitresses reminded me of someone from the south and who must have been working there since the place opened. they didn't rush us and happily shared what their favorites were, especially the pies. we kept it simple with breakfast and ordered pancakes, french toast, bacon and scrambled eggs. even though we didn't ask for it, our waitress said that our eggs would taste better with american cheese and she had the kitchen add it... you know this got me excited. mike also remembered how good their biscuits were and asked them to bring one out so i could try myself. there is definitely truth to why people say that town house has the best breakfast in town. i think it was something in the batter because the pancakes even without maple syrup were already a little sweet. and then the french toast... oh my goodness, the french toast! it was warm, soft and and incredibly flavorful, topped with a dollop of butter and powdered sugar. i so badly wished it would not end. but my favorite was definitely the biscuit. i don't really even know why, but cut that devil in half, spread it with butter and your taste buds will not know what to do. i fell in love. mike just nodded and smiled knowing that i was digging the place for all the same reasons he did.

i can see why people love going to the town house with such a friendly staff, satisfying food and a comfortable, warm environment.