Tuesday, August 17, 2010

georgetown cupcake bakery

i recently visited my family in virginia for the weekend which consisted of a lot of necessary bonding, teasing and most importantly - home made pakistani food. it's safe to say that eating and loving food is the family glue. my cousins sauira and humaira wanted me to try cupcakes from, the now very popular, georgetown cupcake bakery. they have been fans of the bakery before tlc gave them a tv show, so we drove to d.c. for a short visit that was all the worthwhile.

it was a very hot summer day in d.c. but nonetheless, the line outside for georgetown cupcakes was loooong. we are talking 90 degrees weather and maybe a thirty minute wait. but everyone stayed in line and the sweet employees of the bakery passed out water to keep you waiting. they also handed out menus so you didn't hold up the line once you got inside. the operations of this place was impressive. once we finally reached the tiny, air conditioned store, we were greeted with the aroma of fresh baked cupcakes and a whole lot of them. it was busy with orders being taken, the owners both working and signing autographs and cupcakes being devoured. but we didn't come for the hoopla of cameras and sightseers, all we wanted were delicious, heavenly cupcakes.

there are a lot to choose from but they make it simpler by offering classic flavors and then a few extra according to the day of the week. since we were anticipating on bringing cupcakes back for the rest of the family, we ordered the good ol' bakers dozen. in the selection was the classic red velvet, vanilla and chocolate, chocolate ganache, chocolate coconut, blueberry coffeecake (special for the month of july) and the lava fudge - suggested by the super chipper door attendant, and boy am i glad i payed attention to him. we dibbled and dabbled on a few of them while managing to score a table inside.

the lava fudge was by far my favorite. it's a valrhona chocolate cupcake filled with fudge inside and topped with vanilla icing. i think i screamed 'mama mia!' or something just as cheesy that i have never heard myself say (out loud). the explosion of fudge in the chocolate cake was overwhelming. i was almost hoping that my cousins would not love theirs as much and ask if i wanted it but as they are my family, they finished theirs in seconds like me. i think it's safe to say that the hustle meets the hype here. as we left, the line was just as long even though the store was closing in less than half an hour. no matter how much attention the show has gotten, it was nice to see that they still value their new and old customers enough to keep serving their goodies until no one else was outside.

on a side note - as i did mention that the love of food runs deep in my family genes, i can't really say intelligence does. after leaving the bakery, we didn't want to haul our big bag of cupcakes with us and certainly didn't want to move the car from the great spot we found. therefore we decided to leave the cupcakes in the trunk (our minds weren't functioning properly after the lava fudge moment) and after returning to the car an hour later, boom - the saddest array of destroyed, melted cupcakes one has ever seen. had to share the story, we laughed it off and still brought them back home.