Sunday, July 25, 2010

shop vintage, shop new -

this is a tough one for me. it's very easy to share a great place to eat but when i share a great place to shop, i have to take the risk of mary, mindy and probably molly too of shopping there. however, i love the giving more than the taking therefore you must visit this great website of wonderful, affordable vintage and new clothes that will certainly be a top place for your online shopping. i would actually wear every single piece that they carry and beware, their selections get sold out fast.

shop nasty gal, and it's imperative that you put "shop" in the url otherwise it will take you to a quite questionable site, provides a plethora of unique choices. there is a details section for each of their vintage selections letting you know the decade and quality of the wear.  they've got some great fall fashion finds with animal accents, clogs, straight-leg pants, fifties inspired and prints galore.

browse through tops, dresses, coats, bottoms, eyewear, bags and sales too. hope you have a few hours to kill and most importantly, a few dollars because it's completely worth it. shop away!