Saturday, March 20, 2010

curiouser and curiouser - alice in wonderland inspired

after seeing tim burton's alice in wonderland in 3d, i was entirely captivated by the movie's cinematography, art direction, sound and mostly, storyline. lewis carroll's original has been told and told in many different ways but regardless if you read the book or saw the original movie, alice's journey always takes us to a world full of fantasy and utmost wonder. i was so inspired by the whimsical marriage of  naiveness & growing up, therefore i'm sharing with you a few finds that even the mad hatter himself would approve of.


eat me:

i don't really know how to properly introduce this find on atlantic avenue but my "first time at disney" reaction when i walked in summed up the amazingness (totally allowed to make up words when places like these exist) that is cupcake couture. a few friends of mine had raved about the new store or "sweet boutique," as they are cleverly named, however i was not expecting to find such a fantastic array of cupcake selections. the interior is decorated very fashionably, with a pop art feel and an emphasis on couture. if this place doesn't scream alice in wonderland, i don't know what does.

the menu has a designer index of cupcake selections. try the dolce & banana (light and fluffy banana cake spiced to perfection with banana buttercream frosting), the berry wang (strawberry cake topped with strawberry buttercream both made from fresh strawberries) or even the cocoa chanel (moist chocolate cake with valrhona chocolcate buttercream trimmed with french chocolate sprinkles.) cupcake couture menu

the white rabbit

donatella vanilla
(moist vanilla cake with madagascar vanilla buttercream rolled in white chocolate curls and mini marshmellows)

queen of hearts/the red queen

red valentino
(red velvet cake with a hint of chocolate topped with rich cream cheese buttercream frosting)

tea party

 oscar de la raspberry
(moist vanilla cake with raspberry filling and topped with vanilla buttercream frosting)

it's the ultimate mix of fashion and cupcakes - how can i not fall madly in love? cupcake couture also offers coffee drinks, whoopies and a decked-out wall of candies, galore! you must check this place out.
cupcake couture - 328 atlantic ave, delray beach

wear me:

the mad hatter

tweedledum & tweedledee

absolutely alice