Saturday, March 13, 2010

serendipity 3 at the boca resort

serendipity 3 in nyc is adored by both tourists and locals. with a vast history and whimsical interior, crowds swarm to the restaurant for their extravagant desserts such as the 'outrageous banana split - $22.50,' 'can't say no sundae - $15.00,' and the infamous 'frrrozen hot chocolate - $8.95.'

to not that many dessert lover's knowledge, serendipity 3 expanded their location to south florida at the ultra-private boca raton resort around the end of 2008. you pretty much have to be a guest at the resort or be a member (we are talking mucho mula here) to be able to enjoy their many amenities. believe it or not, bare with me people... i'm not a member. so getting into the club was a little mission impossible. but i was in a 'if there's a will, there's a way' mood at work and my co-worker sam and i disguised a "work errand" at the resort into a quick "to go" order at serendipity 3.

a few not-so-smooth spy moves later, we got to the colorful and welcoming restaurant. unfortunately we didn't have the luxury to sit down and devour a sundae, but it worked out because you can order the frrrozen hot chocolate to go.


yes, it tastes like hot chocolate and yes, it's frozen. i thoroughly enjoyed it and they even sell the treat in the form of a chocolate candy bar. overall, it's a fun place to go with your girlfriends or on a date. entrance into the resort will be the trickiest part but all's fair in love and dessert.

what an actual order of frrrozen hot chocolate looks like - travelpod.files.wordpress.

their menu is super fun with food options such as hot dogs, burgers, 'not cho' cheese fries and much more.