Sunday, February 28, 2010

joie de vivre's for february '10

february has been quite a month for me and i've had the pleasure to explore some new places and some new delicious charms. although not everything i eat is going to excite me, i can still certainly attest to a few food fantasticals and i'm calling these 'joie de vivre's' because simply put, they're my joys of living.

yucatan combination plate at rocco's tacos, boca raton

mexican food is pretty much a first choice for me when i like to dine out. always start off with the fresh made quacamole (yup, they make it infront of you) and serve it with well-seasoned chips. for dinner i ordered the yucatan combination plate (chicken enchilada with two skirt steak tacos) but switched one of the tacos for 'rocco's taco.' ridiculously good- it's a meatball taco with roasted peppers, cotijaa cheese, crema and cilantro. que rico! fyi- their chimichanga is worth the try too!

tuna susci from scarpetta, miami

bite size pieces of tuna wrapped around vegetables and truffles. exquisite.

meditteranean lamb gyro flatbread from seasons 52

light and under 475 calories, you're not going to be disappointed with this menu item.

lil big mac's from stk miami

i was only able to snatch one of these bad boys from the plate because everyone else grabbed them in lightning speed time. don't let the size shy you away --- you'll never look at a big mac the same, thousand island taste and all.

sashimi tuna salad from houston's

what isn't good on houston's menu? i didn't want this salad to end. tuna is perfectly seared and the cilantro-ginger vinaigrette is stellar. there's also mangos and avacados in there... yum.

rice balls from runway 84, ft.lauderdale

not your mother's rice balls. the restaurant in itself is very cool, themed entirely like the interior of an airplane.

giant chocolate cake from table 42

speechless. don't do drugs kids- do this cake.

shrimp corn bisque from saquella cafe

what a soup! incredibly creamy - savory lovers delight.

cafe con leche from las olas cafe, south beach

best i've ever had.

mixed berry creme brulee pie from max's grille

if you would like to know what fresh berries would taste like with creme brulee and custard all mixed in a deep crusted pie- go to max's grille in mizner park and order the above. you're not going to want to share this one.

royce chocolate staff from japan

my friend asia's wife traveled to the philippines and at her stop in japan she purchased a chocolate bar called 'chocolate staff', made by royce chocolates. the package is sophisticated and fun but the chocolate itself is unbelievable. made with grand marnier liquor, it's so smooth and the taste is out of this world.

red velvet cupcake from couture cakes

i was very happy with this cupcake find. the cream cheese icing is superb.

fox barrel black currant cider from tryst, delray

a little tart and a little sweet. kind of how i like my men.