Sunday, February 28, 2010

baked & cupcaked: tequila cupcakes & chocolate party cupcakes

for my darling sister's 21st birthday i found it absolutely necessary to bake her cupcakes that celebrated the big occasion just right. i made two batches. the first were tequila cupcakes- just used the standard yellow cake recipe and added 2 tbsps of tequila & 4 tbsps of patron liqueur citronage for the batter / 1 tbsp of tequila & 2 tbsps of patron liqueur citronage for the icing (buttercream icing.) topped those babies with some lime and the festivities began!

i called the second celebration batch chocolcate party cupcakes. using the same tequila cupcakes, i iced them with chocolate frosting and then topped each one with a different sweet treat. from left to right: snickers, m&m's, ferrero rocher, chocolate chips, some more m&m's and toffee bits. scrumptious!