Monday, August 27, 2012

bloody twisted

the twisted spoke
bikers, not so much babes
west loop

gal pal elena, her main squeeze dayon, myself and the uber-darling stephanie fantauzzi (she's on a small show called 'shameless' - all went to biker bar twisted spoke to nab their famous bloody's. 
we posted at the bar because of the 45 minute wait but enjoyed the view of a bartender with one of the greatest beards i've ever seen. the bloody mary's here are fresh & superb - hefty garnishes join the tasty beverage; mine had gin and shrimp and elena's had salami, cheese and pickles. and for the perfect finish, you get a beer back too. once we were seated, we ordered their fat boy sandwich (a.k.a burger) and although i can finely manage a burger all on my own, i was full from the bloody's and didn't stand a chance with the burger. had a few bites though and it was wonderful. 

with great rock n' roll music in the background, street signs to the bathroom that read 'piss that way' an entertaining server and lots of loud laughter amongst friends, i'd say operation sunday-recuperation-brunch was a dignified success.