Sunday, April 24, 2011

a bark worthy of your bite - white chocolate peanut pretzel

here's a simple recipe that wins everyone over and is way too easy to make. i've made this white chocolate bark several times now and each person who tries it pretty much goes crazy over them. i love making it for the sheer reaction they get and the lack of time it takes on my part.

it's even abbu approved... yup, my father (who's spoiled by my 'chef de i-have-never-made-anything-that-tastes-bad' mom's cooking) said he could eat it all day, everyday. i always make him fist pound me when i'm really excited over something and he reluctantly participates to make me happy but this time around - after trying the white chocolate bark - he initiated the fist pound and i was off to writing this post. you can't deny the power a parent has on their child and i'm fortunate to say that my dad (who we call abbu) falls somewhere between 'heart of gold, funny, hardworking, honest and super intelligent.' he's a family guy and a constant source of strength and determination in my life. this one's for him!

white chocolate peanut pretzel bark recipe

what you need

2 1/2 cups or 22 oz Ghirardelli White Chocolate Chips 
2 cups - Dry Salted Peanuts 
3 cups - Skinny Pretzel Sticks
1/2 cup - Raisinets 
1/4 cup - Toffee Bits

what to do
  • line parchment paper over a cookie sheet
  • chop peanuts, pretzel sticks and raisinets into small pieces
  • mix above along with toffee bits into a bowl
  • in a separate bowl, temper 2 cups of the white chocolate chips (one cup at a time, 45 second intevals) into microwave until melte
  • stir the white chocolate into the remaining ingredients and then spread evenly onto parchment paper
  • melt the remaining white chocolate chips and spread on top of the bark
  • let it sit for a few hours of refrigerate for half an hour and then break into serving sizes 

after you moan a little from trying them, go ahead and take credit as your family and friends swoon over them too with the occasional mumble that they're tony the tiger grrrrrreat! (it's still okay to make that reference, right?) i plan on making other variations of bark - a dark chocolate, roasted almonds, pistachio, cranberries, something, something is in the future.