Tuesday, December 7, 2010

oliver twist eats

i have to admit that lately most of my fine dining has been at my home or at the homes of my friends. suffice it to say, i've still had the chance to try some new eats for you to hear about. these will keep you warm for now and saying "please sir, i want some more."

the pub in pembroke pines
english pot roast
this is the ultimate holiday meal to enjoy at a bar. tender pieces of beef with peas, carrots and chive whipped potatoes served over a bordelaise sauce. accompanied with a great glass of cabernet sauvignon while it's a little chilly outside will make it feel like you're in a scene right from the movie 'the holiday.' albeit, jude law would have been a much nicer side to the roast than red wine.

all star cupcakes in boca raton
pineapple white chocolate and rice krispies cupcakes
after numerous texts and calls from close confidants that a new cupcake store had made it's arrival in boca raton, it was my sole duty to do the necessary research. the store is very unpretentious - in fact, it looks like a baseball shop but the big banner reading "cupcakes" throws you for a loop. this isn't your typical bakery - it's owned by a big guy from new york who decorated the shop with his love of sports and is also the chef behind the little wonderments. for under three dollars, you are getting some of the most delicious cupcakes i have had in a very long time. with so many different offerings, i went with the pineapple white chocolate cupcake which was a sweet pineapple cake topped with vanilla icing and white chocolate chips. i could have easily had three more of them. the second one i tried was a vanilla cake topped with a buttercream frosting mixed with rice krispies and marshmallows. this place gets a 'finding cupcakes' stamp of approval. pick up a dozen for the holidays and all your loved ones will be very grateful.

boca breakfast & lunch club in boca raton
spinach, feta and mushroom omelette 
the boca breakfast & lunch club is without a doubt one of the best nooks for a big meal that can be happily devoured in one sitting. known to many people as the club to soak up the merriments from the night before, this place does not disappoint. my friend asia and i met up for lunch but both had breakfast in mind. he went straight for the savory biscuits and gravy masterpiece and i went for the cheesy but lovely spinach, feta and mushroom omelette served with fresh tomatoes on the side. it was big and bountiful. we sat in their outside patio under the blue umbrellas while reveling in a little business talk and a lot of life talks. i will never get tired of eating there and i'm grateful such a small little shop like this exists in east boca. 

scarpetta at the fountainebleau in miami beach
amedei chocolate cake
getting another opportunity to eat at this superb restaurant was a sheer treat. shafia, jessica and i were filling up from the many appetizers and entrees but what melted our knees was the dessert. a warm chocolate lava cake with toasted almond gelato and a salted caramel sauce called the "amedei" is an absolute must. the cake isn't entirely sweet and is heavenly with the caramel sauce and gelato. this is dessert done right.

falafel gourmet in coral springs
lokma and baklava 
just behind my house in coco springs, there's a target plaza where a mom and pop store called falafel gourmet resides. serving to kosher and halal consumers nearby, it's a small grocery store that also offers ready foods such as shwarmas, gyros, etc. my sister and i just finished bowls at chipotle and unfortunately couldn't find it in our stomachs to process another meal. which was a shame because for only five dollars we could have eaten unique cuisine that you don't find very often. the owner allowed us to try some of the food and we have promised to return but i do want to let you know about the amazing dessert. i am certain that there is grandma in the back baking the combos of phyllo, nuts and honey that make up so many infamous desserts from the middle east. for just a few dollars, we scarfed down lokma and baklava while singing praises to the chef. stop by for groceries or a great meal and you'll also meet an old-fashioned storeowner who takes great pride in the place and make you a regular shopper.

brio tuscan grille in palm beach gardens
sliced steak salad
with locations all over the country, brio tuscan grille provides italian dishes with a refined american spirit. they have choices from salads, pastas, flatbreads and entrees galore. i keep going back to their steak salad which has an abundance of tomatoes, mixed greens, mushrooms, gorgonzola and candied pecans hidden amongst juicy strips of steak. i surprisingly can't even finish it but it's always enough for me to crave more every time i visit the restaurant. they also have lamb chops that are grilled with a gorgonzola crust and served over a red wine veal sauce that is delectable. brio is brilliant (that was way too easy, i know.)